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BiLog: Maximo 76....New Cognos BI Features and Resources

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BiLog: Maximo 76....New Cognos BI Features and Resources


I have a dispute...with a yardstick.  He proudly displayed  'Everything you Want' after another 11.5" of snow was received.  With a total snowfall of over 90" in the last 4 weeks, I could only shake my frozen, wool scarf and hat covered head in dismay.


The new Cognos BI Features in Maximo 76 give you 'Everything You Want'.    New entitlement to the Cognos10.2.1 BI Server gives you direct access to its powerful enterprise tools including Cognos Workspace, Workspace Advanced, Report Studio, Query Studio and the Cognos Connection.   Additionally, more Cognos tools are available for you including Cognos Insight, Dynamic Query Analyzer and Life Cycle Manager.



To streamline your learning curve on these new tools, the Maximo meta data publishing process has been significantly enhanced.   Capitalizing on its Integration Framework, Site, Set and Organization data restrictions are automatically appended to individual objects within the meta data to insure your users only view that data they have access to in Cognos.


New access points have been added to enable your business and power users to quickly navigate to the Cognos BI Tools.   These include a new Analytics menu within Maximo, and also a direct sign into Cognos. 


 imageMaximo Cognos Content, often referred to as BI Packs, is also being delivered in Maximo 76.   Using the vast amounts of powerful data that Maximo collects,  a series of reports and workspaces focusing on Work Order, Asset, Asset Failure and Inventory Management is available.   This series enables you to run and schedule individual metric reports or view real-time metric graphs on dynamic, configurable application workspaces.   Trending workspaces are also available to display metric performance in weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly views to see if your performance is degrading or improving.



To learn more about these new features, these detailed reference guides are available
   Maximo Cognos Installation - Details Installation process, including defining end points and system values
   Maximo Cognos BI Pack Content - Reviews delivered reports and workspaces and customization techniques for your unique environment
   Maximo Cognos Feature Guide - Highlights integration features, including meta data publishing, security and access points
   Maximo Cognos Trending Workspaces and Install Guide - Provides links to download and install Trending Workspaces
Also, a number of recorded demos are available for you to view these features 
   Maximo Cognos Reports - Introduces how to access and run Maximo reports from Cognos
   Maximo Cognos Application Workspaces - Reviews features of application workspaces, including filters, views and dynamic customization features
   Maximo Cognos Trending Workspaces - Highlights new trending workspaces, and how their content is created via KPI Templates and KPI History in Maximo


Additionally, you can subscribe to the Maximo Development YouTube Channel, where many new Maximo 76 BI and other videos are continually added!

Be sure to check out these new features, or see them at Interconnect.  See you there!

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