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Email Listener: Image Handling

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Email Listener: Image Handling


This article on email listener supported content types touched on attachments.  We'll extend this discussion a bit further to specifically address image handling.


The email listener does not parse or alter the message body of an incoming free form email.  A message body directly becomes a ticket's long description (i.e. description_longdescription) attribute value.


There are three types of image handing in emails:



In a multipart message, an attached image will have a content ID in the image tag source attribute and binary file name, metadata and data will be stored separately from the HTML message body.  In this case the image will be attached to the ticket.  It will not be displayed in the email and there will be a broken image shown in the long description.  If this is troublesome, the <img/> tag can be parsed and removed from the long description using an attribute launch point automated script.



In this case the image source tag points to the graphic's location on a content delivery network (CDN).  The successful rendering of the image assumes that the Maximo server has unfettered access to the CDN image URL.



When an image is embedded, its binary encoding is present in the HTML as part of the image source attribute.


Here's how each of these might look in HTML form:







... and here is how the same HTML might be rendered in the Rich Text Editor:














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