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A Bit About the Maximo Role Email Value Field

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A Bit About the Maximo Role Email Value Field


In communications Maximo allows for the mapping of an email address to a role.  From a design perspective, the intent here was a 1:1 mapping such that each role had a single email address.  However, there is no validation on this field and customers, as a natural consequence, have used this as a 1:N field, where N is a comma delimited list of email addresses.  There is code in this area that introduces quotes around the email addresses which has caused problems with how the email server processes address fields populated by role definitions.


As we are seeing an uptick in PMRs escalated to L3 regarding this issue, in this post we'd like to increase awareness, both to the various L2 areas and customers of APAR [IV57286] and the availability of a fix for this behavior.

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