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BiLog: Maximo76 Cognos...Product Feature Guide

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BiLog: Maximo76 Cognos...Product Feature Guide


NEW!  For YOU!

With the galatic Maximo 7.6 release, you are directly entitled to the Cognos BI Server products!  These Cognos products enable you deeper, dynamic insight into the vast amounts of data that Maximo collects.

In response to your questions on exactly what products are available,  recommendations for configuring a  Maximo Cognos environment and more - a new document has been prepared for you.  This document details the individual products, includin g the Cognos BI Server, Framework Manager, Cognos Insight and more - along with their part numbers so you can quickly find them on Passport Advantage.

















Additionally, best practice recommendations on a Maximo Cognos environment are included.   These include configuring a seprate reporting database and utilizing a separate application servers for Maximo and Cognos.


Other information included in the guide includes
    A.  Maximo Cognos access
    B.  Maximo users and Cognos roles
    C.   License Restrictions
    D.   Recommendations and items to take into consideration for clients with     existing Corporate Cognos Licenses


For more details on the Maximo Cognos integration, access the Maximo76 Cognos YouTube Playlist.  The full suite of Maximo 76 Cognos BI Documentation is available here  along with details on the delivered Application workspace content and Trending workspace content


Finally - join us for the Maximo 76 Crowdchat on June 10, 2015 at 1pm EST where you can ask any questions on Maximo 76 with Cognos - or any other Maximo 76 feature!  

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