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BiLog: Maximo 75...New LIFO/FIFO Inventory Reports

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BiLog: Maximo 75...New LIFO/FIFO Inventory Reports




Three.  Three palettes of sea lions basking in the sun, the three second rule  and three new reports starting with the Maximo release.
YES!  Three new reports are available for you starting with the release including
   1. Inventory ABC Transaction Date Analysis
   2. Inventory EOQ Transaction Date Analysis
   3. Inventory ROP Transaction Date Analysis


These three new reports display each item's cost type (Average, Standard, LIFO, FIFO) and calculate its ABC, EOQ or ROP by evaluating the transaction tables.    Each include date parameters so you can query specific time periods for the items values.   Additionally, each report contains a separate, secured report for updating the database with the new calculated values. 
Specific details for the reports are in the updated 75 Report Booklet in the 'Additional details' worksheet.  The details  include the filters they use (Ex.  Obsolete items are not included) and the  calculations used within the reports.  For example, Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
            EOQ = sqrt( 2AS / IQ )
            where Q = Average Cost =  (Sum (MATUSETRANS.LINECOST))/ (Sum (MATUSETRANS.QTY))
The three existing reports - Inventory ABC, Inventory EOQ and Inventory ROP - will continue to be delivered to you.   You can choose whether to continue to use the existing reports, or begin to use the three new Inventory Transaction Date Analysis reports.
Also, in Maximo, additional platform support is available for IE 10 and 11.   Be sure to review the Key Bookmarks section below for important information on using the Report Designer with these versions.
More for YOU!   More reports - more choices - more Maximo!
Key Related Bookmarks for this posting include:
2.  Maximo 7.5  Report Development guide (Updated to include instructions for previewing reports within the BIRT Design tool using IE 11)
4.  Down-loadable Worksheet listing all Maximo BI/Report reference documents and their latest revisions


*UPDATE:  June 2015 - These three new reports are also available with the Maximo release.   The updated 7.6 report booklet can be downloaded here and a demo recording highlighting this new reports can be accessed  here


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