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BiLog: Maximo 76...STOP! Report Cancellation

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BiLog: Maximo 76...STOP! Report Cancellation


STOP!  It's not the right one. I changed my mind and don't need it.   It didn't display right away - so I clicked the submit button again - and then again - and then again.

Have your users ever uttered these words to you when running a Maximo BIRT report?   Or have you found report performance to be negatively impacted by users running massively large reports over and over again - only to immediately discard their output?


With the Maximo 76 release, new features are available for you to view and cancel report processing.   Using the 'View Report Processing' Dialog in the Report Administration application, you can
see which  are either being processed by the report engine, or are in the queue waiting to be processed.   The records are displayed based on ascending order of Start Time, so you can focus on those report jobs that are taking the longest time to execute.   

Additionally, the new Maximo 76 field 'Last Active Time'  highlights if the report is still active, or if it may be stuck somewhere in its processing cycle.

imageFrom this dialog, you can cancel any unnecessary long running reports.   This is a significant feature update from prior Maximo releases as all reports can be cancelled - regardless of what processing phase (fetching versus rendering) they are in. 

If  your environment has multiple servers configured, utilize the new Maximo 76 property setting,  This setting defines the frequency each server will check the database to see if any reports have been canceled.  In this example, the Administrator cancels the report on UI server 1, and the report stops processing on Server 5 by querying the database via the time period in this property setting  

There are SO many new BI features in Maximo 76!  Don't STOP yourself from learning more about them!  

More details on report cancellation and other report performance enablers in Maximo 76 can be found in the Report Performance guide here.   Additionally, the Maximo 76 report documentation is available here and recorded demos of this new feature can be seen here


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