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BiLog: Maximo 76...New Ad Hoc Reporting Features

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BiLog: Maximo 76...New Ad Hoc Reporting Features


I can't decide , can't control my hunger and can't stop talking about Maximo 76!
In Maximo 76, the listing of new and updated BI features is astounding!  Included in this feature set is Ad Hoc or QBR Reporting.  Ad Hoc reporting empowers business and power users  to create their own reports for their unique business and project needs.   Starting in Maximo 76, numerous new features have been introduced  including adding calculations on one or more attributes, defining summaries and an updated user interface to streamline your creation of these reports.   
To help MAXIMIZE your use of these new features, a number of new reference materials and demo recordings are available.  This includes a NEW ad hoc demo recording series which reviews each of the tabs in the ad hoc reporting dialog in detail.  It explains navigation, business rules, security options and highlights the importance of data types in your reports.  The series includes



Part 1  - Style


Part 2 - Content
Part 3 - Calculations
Part 4  - Summaries
Part 5  - Format
Part 6  - Editing
This series continually references a new Ad Hoc Reporting Workbook The workbook is set up with a series of worksheets corresponding to the tabs and features of the ad hoc dialog.   It can be used as a reference for features, business rules and key information on data types.



Also, there are a number of additional Maximo 76 Ad hoc demos targeting the 76 new features.  These include an Overview of the new Ad Hoc Features, Expression Library for Administrators, Preview Limit Performance Enabler and MORE!   For the latest listing, access the YouTube Playlist here and subscribe to the channel to get instant notification on new videos!  Enjoy!


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