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Maximo 7.6 Maintenance Delivery Strategy

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Maximo 7.6 Maintenance Delivery Strategy


I want to clarify the Maximo 7.6 maintenance delivery strategy and types of deliverables.


Fix Pack (now called Feature Pack)


Starting with Maximo 7.6, A Fix Pack will now be called “Feature Pack” to more accurately reflect that new functionality/enhancements can be delivered along with the latest cumulative bug fixes (APARs) for 7.6.

Feature Packs will now be delivered every 3-4 months for 7.6 versus every 6-9 months for prior releases.   Any behavior changes or enhancements will be documented in the readme.  Feature Packs are the primary fully regression tested maintenance deliverable for Maximo 7.6.  We recommend that Feature Packs be your primary means of obtaining a bug fix whenever possible.


Interim Fix (IFIX)


IBM will continue to deliver QA tested monthly cumulative IFIXs for the latest 2 Feature Packs. For older Feature Packs, IFIXs are on demand and only unit tested by development.    IFIXs are for critical and high priority APARs that you may need before being available in the quarterly Feature Pack.  With more frequent Feature Packs we expect the need to go down for APARS to be included in an IFIX prior to being available in a Feature Pack.  In most cases a customer will need to specifically request that an APAR be included in an IFIX otherwise the APAR would be delivered in the next available Feature Pack.


Limited Availability FIX (LAFix)


IBM will deliver LAFixes, also known as One-Offs, for critical situations when a fix is not currently available in an IFIX or Feature Pack and/or with proper business justification.  LAFixes are for a single APAR built for your exact level of Maximo.  All LAFixes require approval of IBM Support Management.  No LAFix will be approved without the proper business case and LATestFixReportWriter output.  Because of the risk, multiple LAFixes on the same maintenance level is not recommended and will only be approved in very rare cases.  There is no testing by IBM on LAFixes.


Feature Packs and Interim Fixes are available on FixCentral:


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