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Maximo - Table Lock on SIBOWNER & SIBOWNERO causing all JVM's in the cluster to not respond.

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Maximo - Table Lock on SIBOWNER & SIBOWNERO causing all JVM's in the cluster to not respond.


Customers from time to time have noticed that the Maximo system stops responding. When the environment is reviewed, the database has locks on SIB related tables.  This is a case where the issue is not primarily because of SIB tables but due to the fact that the SIB tables are the victim of Maximo system freezing and holding locks on the SIB tables.

If Maximo integration components are writing to JMS Queues using the database storage, then SIB tables are created and used in the database.  Whenever Maximo writes data or reads data from the JMS queues, internally, the SIB tables are used by the JMS engine.  This is part of the JMS functionality.

Maximo system lockup situations are mostly due to JVM running out of memory or being very low on memory and the garbage collection cycle is working hard to release the memory. Now, if a system lockup situation is present, then the JVM will be paused and any locks held on the SIB tables will be locked until the JVM releases them.  This can take several minutes. Sometimes when the JVM crashes the locks on the SIB tables are not released until the database lock timeout occurs.  Hence when the Maximo system appears to be hanging or crashing, the SIB table locks are visible to the DBA.  But, in fact the SIB table locks are a victim of the JVM freeze or crash.

In majority of the cases, the JVM freeze or crash are due to memory leaks or high usage memory issues.  The system needs to be analyzed and fixed to resolve the issue and once the system returns to normal operation, the SIB locking situation will go away.

Here is an useful link on how the SIB tables and locks work. 


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