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TPAE And Scheduler Fixes, what version has which fix.

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TPAE And Scheduler Fixes, what version has which fix.


As many of you may know Maximo TPAE (Base) fixes are bundled with Scheduler fixes. I just wanted to make this quick blog entry to share what each base version had bundled with it. Maximo version 7504 and lower comes with fixes for scheduler version 751, versions 7505 and higher come with fixes for scheduler 752. My co-worker pointed out that Maximo has Scheduler 7.5.3.  What this means if upgrading from a previous version of Maximo to a newer version you will need to plan to upgrade your scheduler version at the same time. Best practice would say upgrade all the add on's at the same time, but most of those others do not have their fixes bundled with the base fixes, so I just wanted to cover scheduler product. 

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