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Manually Synchronizing Nodes

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Manually Synchronizing Nodes


Over the years I have had several clients state that they attempted to synchronize the Nodes from the WebSphere Console and were unsuccessful.  If you are unable to sync the Nodes from within the WebSphere console than you can do this manually.  Here are the steps to manually sync the Nodes.


Make sure CellManager service is started and Nodeagent service is stopped. (StopNode.bat)  Open a command prompt window and cd to C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\bin
and run syncnode hostname
and then you will get prompted for userid and password, enter the userid and password that you use to login to WAS console.

You will then get a message in the window that the Nodes have synchronized successfully.

If you do have a problem with this, the syncNode.log file is located in the profile_root/logs directory.

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