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Maximo Everyplace and LDAP - Accessing your mobile applications.

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Maximo Everyplace and LDAP - Accessing your mobile applications.


Maximo Everyplace is a product in IBM's Mobile Portfolio for Maximo Asset Management. This is not a stand a lone solution like you may have previously used or are using such as Maximo Mobile or Maximo Anywhere.

It is a solution that allows you to view core Maximo applications from your mobile device, by giving you the ability to create scaled down applications via the Application Designer and format your start center portlets for easy reading.  Also this is now included in Maixmo 7.6 out of the box! So you will likely notice when first starting up Maximo 7.6 the new 'Mobile Login' link.




The  'Mobile Login' link  is one that you likely haven't seen before unless you had Maximo Everyplace 7.5 installed on your previous\current versions of Maximo 7.5.  After clicking on the 'Mobile Login' page you will be brought to a login page that is formatted to fit your mobile device screens.  An example of this can be seen below. You can click on 'Standard Login' to get back to the initial Maximo Login screen.




Now to get to the point of this blog and the reason I'm  writing about Maximo Everyplace is to provide information on what happens when LDAP is enabled for Maximo as the Login page will be updated to show appservauth=true and not display the normal links you are use to seeing such as 'Mobile Login', 'Forgot Password?' and 'Register Now'. Your probably thinking, Maximo Everyplace isn't compatible with LDAP, but that's not the case at all. Even with the links removed the Everyplace application will still function, you just won't be able to access from a desktop machine as you could without LDAP and in the end you wouldn't be doing this anyway as your view ports would be designed at a much smaller scale. 


Maximo Everyplace will detect if you are accessing it from a Mobile device or a PC, so even if you don't see the 'Mobile Login' on your desktop or laptop computers you still enter the Maximo URL from a Mobile device. This will automatically resolve to the correct Mobile URL to access the application from your device with your LDAP credentials.  However if you want to access the application from your desktop to get an idea of what you will see on a device without an actual device you will have to modify the Maximo URL manually to display the proper mobile format.


You can use the following URL to access the Maximo Everyplace Start Centers and applications from a PC and view the mobile login screen\applications.


1. The first URL you will need will have the following context appended.




For example : http://yourhostname/maximo/webclient/login/login.jsp?appservauth=true&mobile=true


This will show you the Mobile Login screen but once logged in will still display the desktop formatted applications.


2.  The second step after logged in is to change the context to the following URL (this can be the only step if you want to log in with the normal log in and not see the mobile log in screen).


For example: http://yourhostname/maximo/ui/?event=loadapp&value=startcntr&mobile=true


You will now be able to see your Mobile formatted start center and applications created via the Application Designer.  Alternatively you can always do the development in Maximo and view the changes on a Mobile device rather then a desktop, this will allow you to confirm view port sizing and other display issues that may occur on the device you wouldn't see from a PC.


I wrote this document as the functionality is now included in Maximo 7.6, hopefully going forward this will help users understand the Everyplace functionality as they install or upgrade to the latest version of Maximo Asset Management.  As always, any questions or comments please post below.



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