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Another way to move maximo DB2 database between servers.

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Another way to move maximo DB2 database between servers.


We know that there a few ways to move databases from source server to target server

1) Take a full copy and restore the entire database on target server.

2) Use Export,Import ,load ,db2look and db2move  utilities.

and a scope of this document is a DB2RELOCACTEDB   command.

This command renames a database, or relocates a database or part of a database (for example, the container and the log directory) as specified in the configuration file provided by the user. This tool makes the necessary changes to the DB2® instance and database support files

The Target database must be off line.There is an ability  to   rename objects and structures during this move

Before using the  DB2RELOCACTEDB  the following steps must be taken:

a) move the files from  from source to target  using OS  copy  or move  commands

mv /home/db2inst1/NODE000/O     /home/db2inst1/NODE0000/N

Where O - old database name and   N- new database name

b) Create the  the  ( -f)   configuration file "configfile.txt"  where the source and target names   have to be specified. It should look like this:

for full list of option please see the

Run  DB2RELOCACTEDB  command

DB2RELOCACTEDB  -f  configfile.txt

Run db2stotp , db2start and take a backup of a database on a target  server.

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