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Understanding new features in Maximo 7.6 - My Recent Applications

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Understanding new features in Maximo 7.6 - My Recent Applications


There is a new feature where you can see a list of the most recent applications that you have used during your

current log in session called "My Recent Applications". This option can be seen from both the Go To menu and the

Side Navigation menu and allows you to easily move between the applications that you most commonly use. 

This helps to avoid the necessity of scrolling through the list of applications to find the one you just

used and by extension increases productivity. The number of applications shown is set by default to eight but this

value can be increased or decreased by modifying the system property webclient.maxRecentApp.  The values are

stored at the browser level and for a given browser instance and the applications will show with the most recent applications on top.



Modifying the 'My Recent Applications' System Property in Maximo 7.5.

To change the 'My Recent Applications' System Property enable/disable and control the amount of listings, please do the following:

1) Go To – System Configuration – Platform Configuration – System Properties – and then filter for the

 webclient.maxRecentApps property.  Next change the Global Value to the desired number of applications you wish to see.

2) Click on Save. Click on the checkbox beside the 'webclient.maxRecentApps' – click on the 'Live Refresh'

3) Within the 'Live Refresh' click on Ok. The property will now be updated


My Recent Applications is a great new way to move between your favorite applications without having to scroll through your

applications menu.


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