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New Features in Maximo for Service Providers version 7.6.1

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New Features in Maximo for Service Providers version 7.6.1


Maximo® for Service Providers 7.6.1 introduces new features, including providing price estimates to customers, billing for breaches of Service Level Agreement commitments, billing for project milestones, and billing in the currency of the customer.

Price estimates for requested services

When a customer requests a service, you can plan your costs and prices, and present a price estimate that the customer can accept before work begins.

SLA commitment breaches and delivery date commitments

You can specify penalty pricing for breaches to commitments on service level agreements (SLAs) and then create sales orders to bill or credit fees for the SLA breaches.

You also can now specify target delivery dates as commitments on service level agreements (SLAs). Target delivery dates are copied to the work order or ticket that the SLA is applied to. If the target delivery date is exceeded, a penalty or credit can be issued to compensate for the commitment breach.

Project milestone billing

You can create price schedules to bill for project milestones. The schedule specifies that certain work comprises a milestone for a project and the milestone is billed when that work is completed.

Bills in customer currency

On a customer agreement, you can specify a customer currency if it is different than your base currency. The customer is billed in their currency and you can view costs, prices, and total billed and revenue amounts in both currencies.

Recording bill payments

When a bill is fully or partly paid, you can record payment details in the Customer Billing application. The bill has an indicator about whether any payment is made.

Making customer terms visible on other records

You can specify negotiated terms and conditions on a customer agreement. To ensure that other parties are aware of contracted approvals and procedures, you can make terms from the customer agreement visible in tickets, work orders, and sales orders. For example, an agreement might specify that the customer must approve of disposal of certain unserviceable parts. You can make that term visible in tickets and work orders for the customer agreement.

Visibility of unbilled transactions

You can improve billing efficiency by identifying and billing for accumulated unbilled work transactions. These transactions can be added to completed work and might be missed when bill batches are created. There is a new search field in all work order and ticket applications to find unbilled transactions. Also, each transaction line includes the identifier of a bill batch for the line. A line that doesn't specify a bill batch has not been billed.

Asset and location usage meters

For a metered asset or location, you can specify the important meters to track and to bill usage for, such as meters for flight hours and flight cycles. The billing process is improved with a new view of unbilled usage for an asset or location.

Flexible monthly billing dates

On monthly billing and pricing schedules, now you can bill on the 29th or 30th day of the month. If you choose one of these days, in February, billing occurs on the 28th day. To bill on the 31st of the month, select the End of Month check box and in months with fewer than 31 days, bills are generated on the last day of the month.

Customer provided items

If you use customer provided items in services that you provide, you can specify the items and prices for them in price schedules. When the items are used in services for the customer, they can be priced from the price schedule.

Customer pool agreements

Pools of maintenance items can be specified on customer agreements. When items are used in maintenance or exchange work on work orders or tickets, they can be priced from the price schedule of the agreement.

Customer MRO agreements

You can specify scope of work (SOW) details for maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) work on customer agreements. Details include key dates, assets to be worked on, and work activities.

User interface changes

The Service Address tab in the work order and ticket applications is renamed to Customer Billing and there are several name changes to sections in that tab.

New reports

Several reports are new in this release:

  • The Customer Estimate report provides work estimates for services that are requested by a customer. This report is available from the associated work order.
  • The Customer Bill report provides summary and detail billing information from customer agreements that are in Prebill or In Progress status. The payment terms from the agreement and the billing contact from the customer record are included. This report is available from the Customer Billing application.

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