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Maximo 7.6 tuneSystem Command

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Maximo 7.6 tuneSystem Command


I have been advised that in Chapter 16 of the Maximo 7.6 Install Guide there is a section regarding tuneSystem command . The information that was provided in the Install Guide is not correct . I reached out to L3 Development team and received information back . I am  going to cut and paste the information below and the tool used to replace tuneSystem.


The tuneSystem feature is deprecated. We will create
a tech note for this topic and add it to the Information Center to inform
that this function will no longer be used.
In order to use the "Application Server Tunning" feature, you may use
the 7.6 Configuration Tool to run the same functionality. The Deployment
feature from the tool will also run the Application Server Tunning. You
can check
Configuration Tool documentation in Maximo in order to use this feature
properly. We also have an action to run this feature in Command Line
Interface mode, look for "reapplyAppServerTuning" in the documentation.


The Configuration Tool 7.6 is installed in the same installation folder
as Maximo (ConfigTool folder). You can run the tool and check the help
section (can also be opened with F1 key) for all action details and
In command line interface mode, you can run the following command:
ConfigTool/scripts/reconfigurePAE -action reapplyAppServerTuning

For more details about command line interface, check the following link:


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