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Getting Maximo Ready for Daylight Saving

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Getting Maximo Ready for Daylight Saving


It's currently October and for many people around the word, it means you have to reset your clocks. Some countries in the Southern Hemisphere like Australia and Brazil have already switched to summer time and Daylight Saving Time earlier this month. On the other hand, people in the Northern Hemisphere will soon switch to winter time and off Daylight Saving Time (October 25 for most of Europe and November 1 for North America).  


Maximo time might become out of whack if the Java ICU4J library is outdated in the Maximo Application Server or Web Server. i.e. The time displayed in the Calendars, Cron Task Schedule might be off by an hour, especially if the application server and the database server are in different timezones. For your info, ICU4J Time Zone Update Utility (ICUTZU) is a utility that supplies jar files with the latest timezone information and Daylight Savings Time (DST) dates.  You need to ensure that operating systems and database timezones are in sync and updated with the latest Java ICU4J library. 



1. Stop all the Maximo Application Servers and WebSphere services

2. Go to the web site below for ICU4J Time Zone Update

3. Scroll to the bottom of the web page
Click 1.5.0 from the release column to download the latest icutzu script


4. Save the zip file to a temporary location
5. Extract the to a temporary directory
6. Copy all the extracted files to a java directory
For Examples:

Weblogic   C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_21\bin

Websphere         C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\java\bin
7. Open a DOS Prompt

Navigate to C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\java\bin
type java -jar icutzu.jar


8. ICU4J Time Zone Update Utility (ICUTZU) dialog box pops up
9. Specify which paths to search and which paths to exclude from the search
By default, all drives are included in the search e.g. C:\
10. To remove the default drive, select Exclude from the dropdown 
Click +C:\ and hit the delete button on the keyboard
11. Click the Browse button and navigate to the Maximo path
e.g. C:\IBM\SMP\maximo\applications\maximo
12. Click the Browse button again and navigate to the Websphere C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\plugins directory

13. Click Search All button


14. Wait for it to finish searching for all the outdated files


15. Select all the ICU4J Jar files that are found in the list
Click Update Selected button to update all the files in the list (backup first)image

DOS prompt will display the backup location of the libraries


16. Rebuild and redeploy maximo.ear file
17. Restart Websphere Services and Maximo Application Server


Below are some DST technotes for your reference:

Dates are not shown correctly in the Calendars application

Cron Task Schedules are 1 hour ahead of time



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