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Tip for Troubleshooting Ldapsync / Vmmsync issues

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Tip for Troubleshooting Ldapsync / Vmmsync issues


Hi Everyone, over the years we have found that troubleshooting ldapsync / vmmsync issues can be a bit confusing.  I have found that creating a specific log file that only logs the sync information has been very helpful.  This prevents you from sifting through the systemout.log to pick out the sync messages and errors.  That can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.  Follow the steps below to create a specific log ldapsync and vmmsync.


Go to the Logging application.

Go to select action drop down list and select "Manage Appenders"
In the Manage Appenders box select "New Row"
Name the Appender and give it a description, click the select value button
and choose psdi.util.logging.MXFileAppender

Now expand the crontask logger and under that expand the LDAPSYNC logger under loggers, change the log level to DEBUG and click manage appenders icon and append the ldapsync appender that you just created and then click Save.

Now go to the Crontask application, bring up the Ldapsync crontask and check the box to activate the crontask.

The crontask will now run and the specified time and will create a new log file called ldapsync.log in ....WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/ctgAppSrv01/logs/MXServer/maximo/logs

For VMMSYNC, you can do the same thing, if the VMMSYNC logger is not in the list, click new row then the details menu icon and select VMMSYNC from the list to add this logger and do the same steps as above for LDAPSYNC.

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