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IBM Maximo Mobile Products. What's What?

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IBM Maximo Mobile Products. What's What?


What are the mobile products and what do they do? The short answer is they each provide maximo users the ability to work from a mobile device, Such as a phone or tablet. The question is do you need to work disconnected? Connected? Or could you be in an environment where you will need to have the ability to work both connected and disconnected? 

Lets look at each product in order of appearance.


IBM Maximo Mobile Suite

Maximo mobile was originally created in a galaxy far far away but has come a long way in recent releases. In the beginning (Release 6.2 ) we had two mobile applications Mobile Work Manager and Mobile Inventory Manager. A few releases later we added Mobile Asset Manager. This was designed to give users the ability to perform work while disconnected. Why would you need to do this you ask? Lets say you were working in a coal mine under ground, Or you needed to go to a windmill farm, in the middle of nowhere to replace a broken blade. With mobile you could download the work orders, see the items needed and record your actual time and material then send that information to maximo when you returned to the office.

With the Maximo Mobile Suite, mobile workers can manage work, asset, and inventory processes from a mobile device. In the latest maximo Mobile 7.5.1 release we support both Windows Mobile and Android devices.

We support Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.1 and 6.5.1

We support Android 2.3 and up.

The following components are included in Maximo Mobile Suite and run on mobile devices.

IBM Maximo Mobile Work Manager to manage maintenance for assets, locations and configuration items using work orders, service requests, incidents, problems, and releases. You can perform tasks, enter materails record labor actuals against work orders for yourself or your crew. If you have Calibration installed you can access calibration functions from a mobile device. There are no additional installation requirements.

IBM Maximo Mobile Inventory Manager to manage the process for asset inventory, such as physical counts, issues, receipts, returns, and transfers of assets.

IBM Maximo Mobile Asset Manager to manage assets, locations, configuration items, routes, and collections.


We are no longer developing any new Maximo Mobile features or applications.

Next we saw the release of:

Maximo Everyplace

Maximo Everyplace was originally designed to use the native browser of and iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry( really who uses Blackberry anyway?) devices. Unlike Maximo Mobile, Maximo Everyplace requires connectivity to the Maximo application server, That can be WIFI or cellular.

With Maximo Everyplace you can access Maximo wherever you have connectivity from a smartphone or other supported mobile device. Consolidate phone, e-mail, and access to IBM Maximo in a lightweight, portable, inexpensive device.

Maximo Everyplace contains the Maximo Application Designer which enables you to configure IBM Maximo applications for optimal viewing on a small, mobile screen – or any device using a Maximo supported browser.

With IBM Maximo Everyplace, you can, Gain real-time visibility into your operations.Allow your users to access any existing IBM Maximo application on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android device without installing anything on the devices. Use the same application on multiple devices running IBM Maximo supported browsers.

 Maximo EveryPlace is now included with the release of Maximo 7.6 for anyone to use.


Next on the scene is:

Maximo Anywhere

Maximo Anywhere easily confused with Maximo Everyplace. Who comes up with these names anyway? Is designed to work in a hybrid connected and disconnected environment. Unlike Mobile and Everyplace that connect directly to Maximo, Anywhere connects through a MobileFirst server. MobileFirst is a company purchased by IBM that allows the creation of mobile applications . This is a powerful tool that will allow clients to distribute applications from the MobileFirst application center, similar to the Android Play Store. The current release of Anywhere runs on Android, iOS and Windows 8.1 devices.

Maximo Anywhere also allows users to take advantage of maps to see routes and get turn by turn directions to the work orders assigned to them.

It enables your mobile workforce to:

Get instant access to critical data, even while disconnected.

Work with a broad range of instrumented machines and smart devices.

Complete tasks virtually anywhere with secure, trusted transactions.

Reduce data entry errors and miscommunications by allowing users to simply do their work – even while disconnected.


Current applications.

Work Approval

Work Execurion


Physical Counts

Issues and Returns

Service Request

Asset Data Manager


Things to keep in mind

  1. There is no furthor development on the Maximo Mobile Product.

  2. As we develop new Maximo Anywhere applications they will be released on the IBM ISM library for client downloads, They will then be included in the next product release. This will reduce the time for new applications to be available for use.

  3. Maximo EveryPlace requires connectivity at all time in order to work.

  4. Maximo Anywhere gives you the flexibility to work in a connected or disconnected environment. The user may not even know they are disconnected and they can continue working. 

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