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A field in Maximo is read-only. How can I make it read-write?

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A field in Maximo is read-only. How can I make it read-write?


I was using the Job Plans application in one of my test instances the other day and unexpectedly found one of the fields was read-only.

Cross checking with two other Maximo instances I had access to, I confirmed that Out Of The Box the field should not be read-only, it should be read-write.

The field in question was the Nested Job Plan field. Here it is:

(NB: It is no longer greyed out - I have already fixed it - see below)












To correct this I had to export the application XML, modify it and import it.

Here is what I did:

1. Go to the Application Designer application and search for the Job Plan application.

2. Click on the button shown below to export the applications XML:


Figure 2:






3. Open the exported XML file in a text editor and search on "Job Plan Tasks".

You will see the text below.  You can see that "inputmode" is set to "readonly".  This is the reason the Nested Job Plan field was read-only.

Figure 3:






4. Delete the circled text above and save.

5. Import the saved file (Use the button to the immediate left of the one you used to export the xml earlier - See Figure 2 above) .


Done!  The field will now be editable.


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