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Issue with LOGINTRACKING for Maximo 7.5

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Issue with LOGINTRACKING for Maximo 7.5


Hello All

             My name is Joe Delaney and I work in the System Support group L2 for Maximo Support . I recently came across an issue with Maximo version that I thought I would share . I had a client that had an issue with logintracking . The issue is below .

The LOGINTRACKING data in our Production environment is showing records
created with TIMEOUT entry though the users are logging out of the
application. In an ideal scenario, the entry should be created as
LOGOUT when an user signs out of the application. This behavior is
observed for many of the users. For such users, we are also seeing an
INACTIVE session in the database and the queries still occupying
CPU/Memory. Such INACTIVE sessions are getting killed only after the DB
idle session time out is exceeded.


So after researching this issue I came across an APAR that was created for this issue IV53736 which has been fixed in Maximo release and higher . So we applied Fix Pack and that resolved the issue with the TIMEOUT as opposed to LOGOUT which is the way Maximo should work .


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