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10 minute Tip – I need to export a BIRT report – STAT!

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10 minute Tip – I need to export a BIRT report – STAT!


Today’s tip may come in handy when you need to quickly export a single report from Maximo. This one only applies to Maximo 7.5 (and 7.1 if you still live in the past). If you are 7.6 you likely won’t need to use this approach since 7.6 allows you to export from the UI.


This tip will be useful if you need to see the report that is running from Maximo but don’t have easy access to the server to run the command line export utility. I wouldn’t recommend this approach for multiple report designs but if you just need one and need it pronto, this could do the trick.

Pretty much all you need is database connection software (TOAD, Aqua Data Studio, SQL Query Studio, etc) and a READ password to the Maximo tables.


All report designs are stored in the Maximo database in a table, called REPORTDESIGN. (that should be easy to remember!)

Just open your database tool – my sample below is with AquaData Studio – enter and execute the query and the xml for the report design will be in your result window.







Obviously replace “woprint.rptdesign” with the name of the report you want to export.


At this point you just need to copy the xml from the result panel.  In my case, I simply put the cursor in the result panel, hit CTRL-A, CTRL-C to copy everything to my Windows paste buffer. Open a new document in a text editor of choice – Notepad, Wordpad, Notepad++ and paste in your results.


Aqua Data Studio has a few extra lines at the beginning and end so I remove:

  • Everything before <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  • Everything after </report>

You may, or may not have any extra lines to remove


Save this file as the same name as you used in the Select statement.

You now have a valid Birt report design file which is guaranteed to be the version you are using in Maximo. You can edit it with Eclipse, you can compare it to another one if you are looking for differences, or you can delete it and admit that you just wasted 5 minutes of your day.


I’m guessing that was a 6.5 minute tip but it’s all I’ve got for today


Until next time...

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