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10 minute Tip – Error: 500 in my Maximo Run Report menu

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10 minute Tip – Error: 500 in my Maximo Run Report menu


This is a pesky little issue that may arise after an upgrade. We have a KB article for it, but given that we continue to get PMRs for this issue I think this blog entry is warranted. It’s a very simple solution – rebuild the request pages


You will know you have this issue if you see the following screen when you open the Run Reports menu:











You will also see something similar to this in the system log:

[7/31/14 14:44:48:033 EDT] 0000008c servlet E service SRVE0068E: Uncaught exception created in one of the service methods of the servlet /webclient/components/tabbodies.jsp in application MAXIMO. Exception created : java.lang.NullPointerException


> Solve this problem by Recreating all request pages

How do you recreate all request pages? Funny you should ask…

  • Go to Report Administration application
  • Hit Enter (all reports will be returned)
  • Click "Generate all request pages" shown in the lower right portion of the screen
  • Wait for it to complete
  • Go back to any application and the run reports menu should now display a list of reports that you can run


Told you it was simple! :)


Bonus tip (no extra charge)

Did you know that you do not always need to recreate report request pages every time you import an updated report?

As a matter of fact, you rarely need to recreate the request pages in this instance.  You only need to do so if your change affects what is on the request page – namely add or remove parameters from the report. Layout changes, calculations, new fields, removing fields, formatting changes, adding or removing the report from the Maximo toolbar – none of these require request pages to be recreated.  This is particularly useful information for those of you who run multi-language Maximo. You folks will know that recreating request pages can be a bit of a frustration as you have to do it for each language that you use.  If your report change doesn’t involve parameter changes, don’t generate any request pages for any of your languages and you can avoid that frustration. Just import your modified report and away you go.


Until next time …


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