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BiLog: Maximo 76..Simplify..Report Configuration

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BiLog: Maximo 76..Simplify..Report Configuration



I stopped doing math in the morning.  No more addition,subtraction or complex algorithms to trick my mind into thinking it was 6am when it is truly 4:23am.   No.  I've come clean and simplified.   Our clocks now tell the true time...except for maybe...just the my I'm never late...

Reporting in Maximo 76 is simplified also with   
    New Ad Hoc Reporting features

    New Report Performance enablers

    New Cognos entitlement

    and so much more for you to view here and here.

Maximo 76 also streamlines your configuration by enabling you to decide how to apply report security group limits.

You may have users who belong to multiple security groups.Within those different security groups, you may or may not set the variety of report limits which are available.  These include Ad Hoc Preview limits, Report Server Record Limits and Scheduled report limits.  


If a user is a member of multiple security groups, you may want the minimum or maximum value of the record limit to be applied to the user.   In Maximo 76, a new property setting,, determines enables you to configure this value.


Using an example, imagine a user is a member of multiple security groups including  Bedford, Planning, Scheduling and Business User.  Three of those security groups have report server record limits set:  Planning at 250,000, Scheduling at 500,ooo and Business User at 750,000.



Depending on your unique business needs, you can configure the new Maximo 76 property setting,, to determine if the minimum or maximum limit value applies to your user.

    - If you define the property value, to be 0 or no, the minimum limit would be applied to the user which in this case is  250,000 server record limits. 
    -  If you define the property value, to be 1 or yes, the maximum limit  would be applied to the user which in this case is 750,000 server record limits.


More details on this new property setting and other report performance features can be found by downloading this reference guide.  Simplified configuration!

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