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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year...

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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year...


As Andy Williams sang, "It's the most wonderful time of the year", the seasons are changing, the leaves are falling and Maximo year end work needs to be done. As we all know Maximo is as good as the data we have and certain things need to be reviewed to make sure we have the most up to date data. Below is a quick breakdown of the different applications that have a big influence on your year end data.

1. Work Order Tracking.

Completing and closing work orders is a very crucial step in updating cost against assets in Maximo. All the labor, material and service cost get written back to the asset. All reservations not used are cleared as needed and inventory is updated as needed.

2. Asset application.

Once the Work Orders are updated as needed the YTD Cost field and Inventory filed under the Cost section will be updated. The one important thing that we will want to do in the asset application is run the maintenance cost roll up report. This is the report that pulls all the work order cost and updates it against the assets, all this can then be used for your reports. Just a note about the cost roll up report, make sure to press the update button on the last page of the report. If you do not press it, it will not roll up.


**Note on the report,

"2 Reports are included in this report set.  The first, Maintenance Cost Rollup displays the Work Order Costs the asset incurred since the date the report was last run.   The costs of the assets are rolled up to their parents, and any other levels in the asset hierarchy.  The second, Cost Rollup Update, contains a listing of the data AND updates the database with the new values.  By having 2 separate reports, report security can be separated between those that should have View Rights, and those that can update the database.   *Note:  This is a very complex report, therefore, it is highly recommended this report be scheduled or executed at 'off-peak' hours"


3. PM application.

We may have yearly PM's set for the new season to come, take some time and review the records. Are they up to date? Are they even needed? Remember these PM's will become the work orders to come, An ounce of prevention I think is what they say!

There are many DCF out there that go into more detail and outline any issues you may run into when doing any of the above, feel free to search the site below for the fixes and that detailed information.

Also, please feel free to comment and share what tips you use to help ease the year end work that is needed.


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