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No email notification sent by MIF when an error occurs

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No email notification sent by MIF when an error occurs



We can see some error message items for Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) reprocessing, however only 2 emails are received.

Why we don't receive emails for every error? Sometimes we don't receive any emails at all.                                                  


When an inbound or outbound transaction results in an error in a queue, Maximo sends an email notification to the system administrator only if no other errors are awaiting correction in the same queue.
The decision to send an email is based on the presence of error xml files in the Integration Global Directory - error - Queue name folder. It is not based on the records in maxinterror table.

If there are any error xml files existing in the global directory/error folder for this queue, no new email notification will be sent for this queue. The system administrator must resolve all of the errors before notification of new errors is sent.


Please see a tech note in the below link for details:


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