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New Features in Maximo for Service Providers 7.6.2

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New Features in Maximo for Service Providers 7.6.2


The latest version of Maximo for Service providers offers new features, such as labor-based price books, customer agreement templates, and updates to customer billing.


Efficiently manage labor prices for multiple customers by using price books

You can create a price list for labor resources in a price book. This list of labor prices can be shared with multiple customers, and you can update the labor prices without revising the customer agreement.


Use templates to create customer agreements for new customers

You can define customer agreement templates in the Customer Agreements (SP) application to store values in fields that are common to multiple customers. You can apply these saved templates to one or more customers.


New fields in the Work Order application provide better visibility into bill processing

New fields in the Work Order (SP) application and Service Request (SP) application identify the stage that a work order is at in the billing process. The new fields also show the amount that should be billed, the amount that was billed, and any outstanding amounts on a work order.


Make customer billing more efficient by adding multiple work orders to bill batches

You can add multiple work orders, tickets, or sales orders to a bill batch in the Customer Billing application.


Conveniently update customer references on bill batches

You can update customer purchase order numbers and cost centers on each work order, sales order, and ticket from a bill batch in the Customer Billing (SP) application. This capability makes the billing process more efficient and reduces administrative burden.


Greater flexibility when managing bill dates

You can change the next bill date on billing schedules and price schedules that are currently in progress.


Setting the status of bill lines from the work order

In the Work Order (SP) application, you can set the bill line status of work orders before they are added to the customer bill. You can approve, prebill, or hold a work order before the bill is created. This new functionality reduces the review time that is required by the service provider during the customer billing process.

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