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Blogging the Support Handbook:Introduction

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Blogging the Support Handbook:Introduction


As promised this is the first entry in the Blogging the Support Handbook Series

Here is a link to the Support Handbook (henceforth referred to as SH) in browser format, on this first page, on the right-hand side you can also find a link to a downloadable pdf format


So we start  with an overview of  IBM Support which covers IBM's Commitment and a broad overview of the Support Organization.






IBM's Committment

In a nutshell we know there are other solutions out there and we at IBM are privileged to have your business

We want to not only provide you with the software solution but complement this with the highest level of service.

Rapid response to requests and timely resolution are just two aspects we define as world class services

Support Organization

The Support Organization consists of a network of centers spread across the globe. The reason for this structure is to provide

localized business/cultural knowledge as well as language.

Each center consists of teams of individuals with the skills and motivation to help you identify the source of your problem.

Then, regardless where one is located, one has access to the experts in our Development Laboratories, for more complex problems.

Dev consists of specialized, skilled product teams with the right level of IBM expertise for the particular area identified as the the source of the issue at hand.


Next up in the SH we have the Support Portfolio section

There are several types of support available for the family of IBM Software Products. Not everyone has access to all of the offerings outlined in this section. This of course will be dictated by the level of your current support contract. You can acquaint yourself with offerings you may not be familiar with and, if interested, contact your appointed BSM for further information and how to obtain any offering that may apply to you and your organization.

This section  identifies and outlines the progression of offerings with a nifty illustration along with descriptions for each. I will not go through this entire section except to highlight the offerings related to Self-help, maintenance

acquired through Passport Advantage or Passport Advantage Express and Premium Support.


In my next post I will look specifically at Electronic Support which coincidentally is the next section in the SH

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