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Error accessing SSL enabled Web Services on WebSphere 8

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Error accessing SSL enabled Web Services on WebSphere 8


You may have noticed that there are two buildmaximoear commands in the IBM\SMP\maximo\deployment folder.

The buildmaximoear script is used to build the maximo.ear when Maximo is to be deployed to a WebSphere Application Server 7.x environment.  The buildmaximoearwas8 script must be used to build the maximo.ear when you are deploying the Maximo application to a WebSphere Applicaton Server 8 environment since there are changes to the build process for support of this application server environment.

However, if you enable SSL, and you then deploy Maximo web services, you will receive an error when attempting to access the web service.  The error you see is "https is forbidden".  This is happening because the axis2.xml file is missing from a folder which is required for support of the https protocol.

The following steps are used to resolve the problem:

1.  Copy the axis2.xml file from:


and paste it in the following directory:


Note that the conf directory does not exist and must be created before pasting the file there.

2.  Now edit the axis2.xml in the conf directory, and add the following block of text to enable the https transport in the axis2.xml


<transportReceiver name="https" class="org.apache.axis2.transport.http.AxisServletListener"/>


3.  Rebuild the maximo.ear using the buildmaximoearwas8.cmd

4.  Redeploy the maximo.ear and test.

After performing these steps, you will no longer receive the error and SSL enabled web services will now be accessible.

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