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BMXAA3191E - PM XXXXX is not due yet, or it does not fall within the active season.

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BMXAA3191E - PM XXXXX is not due yet, or it does not fall within the active season.


You may have been in this situation:

Today is Monday, a great day to generate Work Orders!

But after you click the action: Generate Work Order you get the following error message:

BMXAA3191E - PM XXXXX is not due yet, or it does not fall within the active season.

And you are sure that the PMs are due!

The messages per se do not evidence any error - It's just Maximo telling you the PMs you selected to generate WOs are not due yet - e.g. PM has a montly frequency and you are using the last WO info to calculate next due date - If you generated WOs 15 days ago and you try to generate WOs for that PM for any period of less than 15 days (what is left for 30 days) then you'll see the message. 

The next due date of a preventive maintenance (PM) record is the date it is next scheduled to generate a work order.

Due dates apply to any PMs that have the Use Frequency Criteria check box selected.

The next due date is determined by comparing values in the Estimated Next Due Date field on the Frequency tab of a PM, and the using the earliest date.

Other frequency criteria such as lead time, seasonal dates, and extended dates can affect when a PM generates a work order. 

For example, if a duedate falls outside of the seasonal dates, the system finds the earliest date that falls in the active season and generates the work order for that date instead.

In addition, if the PM is part of a hierarchy, it can generate a work order because another PM in the hierarchy is due and it triggers all PMs in the hierarchy to generate work orders. Next due date for an oil change

For example: A PM for an oil change is both time-based and meter-based.

It is scheduled to generate a work order every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. The estimated next due date on the Time Based Frequency subtab might be September 30, based on average time elapsed betwee previous oil changes. The estimated next due date on the Meter Based Frequency subtab might be September 15, based on average mileage. 

The next due date for this PM would be September 15, the earlier of the two dates.

But if there is a need to generate even WOs that does not have the correct "Next Meter Reading" and/or the "Estimated Next due date," when you perform the action "Generate Work Orders", uncheck the "Use Frequency Criteria" field and Work Order and the work order will be created without errors

In PM tab there is a field "Next Earliest Due Date" in this field is recorded the next date that work order is generated. Even though your PM is only meter based, when you execute the Generate Work Order action, Maximo checks if the date has been overdue. If it is not, Maximo will display the error that you receive. So even though a PM meter based, you must unchecked the field "Use Frequency Criteria?" to allow to you generate the work orders.

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