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Latest Esri Technology on Maximo Spatial 7.6.0

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Latest Esri Technology on Maximo Spatial 7.6.0



IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management 7.6.0

IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management is an add-on solution sold in combination with Maximo Asset Management and Maximo Industry Solutions – except – Maximo for Utilities which includes the spatial applications.

Maximo Spatial provides a GIS solution that allows users to visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. It allows users to look at data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared on a map.


What’s New with Spatial 7.6?

  • Maximo Spatial 7.6 has now been updated to the latest Esri v10.3 technology.  Spatial will now allow users to not only interface with the ArcGIS geodatabase and its REST API’s but also with feature services.  Feature Services allow integration to the ArcGIS Server by only using the ArcGIS Server’s published URLs and will not require a dblink between Maximo and GIS.  
  • We also enhanced the data synchronization between Maximo and the ArcGIS Feature Services with our new release.
  • Using the latest Esri technology you can now employ ArcGIS Online maps.  This is an online, collaborative web GIS that allows users to use, create, and share maps, scenes, apps, layers, analytics, and data.
  • In the latest release we have simplified the configuration process for setting up Spatial maps within Maximo and provided newly designed map tools for greater efficiency.
  • In Maximo 7.6 we introduced new mapping features for Google and Bing maps.  Now when you install Maximo Spatial you get only one Map tab and one Map Manager within your Maximo environment.


Enjoy our latest Maximo Spatial 7.6 release today!

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