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BiLog: Maximo 7604, Acronyms and Result Set Export (RSE)

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BiLog: Maximo 7604, Acronyms and Result Set Export (RSE)


There is a new button in  Result Set Export.  Let's call him RSE.  (We like acronyms.  Remember Balderdash?)

RSE is similar to his friend, QBE.  QBE (Query By Example.  We really do like acronyms.) enables you to download an application's list tab results to Microsoft Excel.

RSE enables you to download your result set contents to CSV format.  (Yup.  Comma Separated Values)

    QBE -> Application List Tab Results -> Microsoft Excel
    RSE ->  Result Set Contents ->  CSV Format

Why RSE to CSV?  Remember our other friend, Watson?   Watson loves CSV.
You can get started with using RSE by watching this demo recording or here




The recording highlights the use of ROS (Report Object Structures.  Should I mention again our love for acronyms!) in Result Sets introduced in Maximo   It then delves into the business rules of using RSE including

    A.  No new sig options to enable your users access to RSE - yea!
    B.  Must have ROS to use RSE
    C.  RSE produces CSV file in user's browser download location


Huge welcome to our new RSE friend!   

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