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Calibration on Maximo Anywhere

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Calibration on Maximo Anywhere


The release of Maximo Anywhere 7.6 saw the introduction of Calibration on Work Execution. Anywhere clients that have Maximo Calibration can now enable their calibration technicians to complete their calibration work orders on their tablet.



Users receive their calibration work orders like they would any other type of work order. Obviously, the calibration work orders also have calibration-specific fields and the datasheets they need to capture and validate the calibration data. Due to the type of information calibration technicians typically require, Calibration on Work Execution is designed for the tablet user.


The calibration functionality is part of the standard Work Execution app and is automatically enabled when the user works with a calibration work order. Using the Work Execution app, the technicians can capture the as found and as left calibration points and validate against the tolerance limits. Similar to Maximo, up to four tolerance statuses can be determined.


Key Functionality

Here are some of the key features:

  • Datasheets for analog and discrete devices
  • Calibration points, function checks and dynamic checks
  • Looped calibrations
  • Calibration point insertion
  • Copying valid as found readings to as left fields
  • Tool validation


New User Experience

Calibration on Work Execution aims to streamline the user experience around calibration data entry. We've optimized the speed of data entry through numeric keyboard, instantaneous tolerance validation, and smart screen design.


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