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Maximo 7.6 prerequisite check "CTGIN8247E : Required Hostname" error on Linux

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Maximo 7.6 prerequisite check "CTGIN8247E : Required Hostname" error on Linux


If you have tried to install Maximo 7.6 on a Linux box and the installation failed with an error "CTGIN8247E : Required Hostname : System hostname is not fully qualified", probably your server do not have a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). Some Linux machines do not have a proper configured Domain Name System (DNS), in most cases where the server is only a test machine. Maximo prerequisite checker requires an FQDN to pass the host validation. The best way to get it fix is to setup your machine with a proper hostname and configure the DNS so it will have a valid fully qualified domain name.


If you believe that your machine has a fully qualified domain and it still fails with the same error, you may want to check and try this document, System hostname is not fully qualified.


Another possible way to bypass the error is to modify one of the prerequisite checker script and make the checker thinks that the machine has a fully qualified domain name. So here is the step.


  1. Go to <maximo7.6_installer_folder>/SystemRequirements/precheck_unix_20140919_FP14refresh.tar/UNIX_Linux.
  2. Open and edit the network.fqdn file.

  3. To satisfy the IF condition, the 'count' value must be greater than 1. Delete the echo command from 'count' and explicitly set it to a higher integer value, for example value of 4.
  4. Save the file and delete all /tmp files from your machine. Re-run the installer and it should pass the error.

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