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Maximo Rounding Issue With The Reorder Quantity.

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Maximo Rounding Issue With The Reorder Quantity.



Welcome to the EAM Corner!!!!

My name is Ghazala and I work in level 2 support for IBM on the EAM product. This blog series will all be helpful tips, tricks and how-to's on Maximo EAM .

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In this blog I will cover an interesting topic regarding an Rounding Issue With The Reorder Quantity.

Following steps have been used to reproduce the issue:

1. Go to Inventory > Item Master > Create New Item Master >     
Item "65843"                                                    
Order Units: Ton                                                
Issue Units: Ton                                                
Select action > Add Items to Storeroom " Central "              
Click OK                                                        
Standard Cost: 35.00                                            
Current Balance: 0.00                                           
Change status to Active                                         
Save record.                                                    
2. Go to Inventory > Inventory > Item "65843"                   
Click the Reorder Detais Tab                                    
Recorder: Tick check box                                        
Reorder Point: 2.00                                             
Lead Time (Days) 0                                              
Economic Order Quantity 19.20                                   
Order Unit: Ton                                                 
Select Action                                                   
Recorder > Reorder Items  Click Preview                         
3. The Recorder Items Details show the following                
Item: 65843                                                     
Reorder Quantity: 20.00                                         
Order Unit: Ton                                                 
Current Balance: 0.00                                           
Unit Cost: 0.00                                                 
The reorder quantity is calculated as 20.00                   

Resolving the problem 

Maximo by design rounds up to the next Integer for the final Reorder Qty. The rounding to the next integer number was a design decision made     
based on several use cases from the clients.  This is Working as Designed.                                                                 

Thanks for reading, be sure to look out for my next installment. 

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