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The GL account not updating correctly in Purchase Requisitions Application

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The GL account not updating correctly in Purchase Requisitions Application



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In this blog entry I will highlight an issue my client encountered  with the GL account not updating correctly in Purchase Requisitions Application.

Following steps have been used to reproduce the issue:

1. Go to Purchase Requisitions  Application.                         
2. Create a New PR. "1454"  Fill the mandatory fields. (Tax, Line Cost)  
3. Go to PR line tab.  Click on New Row button.                          
4. Give the Line Type as Material.                                       
5. Enter the required fields including the GL Account and Save the record.                                                                  
6. Click on the Distribute Costs options. The GL account in the Distribute Costs Dialog has been updated from the GL Account field in the PR line.                                                             
7. Now, change the  GL account in the Distribute Costs dialog and click  OK.                                                                      
8. But the GL account field in the PR line is still not updated. This still shows the old GL account.                                          

Resolving the problem

This functionality is working correctly. In PRLINE, the value is in PRLINE.GLDEBITACCT  In the Distribute Costs dialog, you will be creating POCOST entries and associate multiple GL Accounts. The object in the dialog is POCOST and the attribute is GLDEBITACCT  When you open the Distribute Costs dialog, by default the value from  PRLINE.GLDEBITACCT will be copied into the dialog before you distribute it to multiple accounts.     

The Cost Distribution lines are only intended to be used when the  client wants to spread the line cost over multiple GLs. It was not           
intended to be a place where the user can change the GL on the PR/PO Line by changing it on the Cost line.  This is not a defect and there are no plans to change this.               


Thanks for reading, be sure to look out for my next installment. 

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