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Configuring the Side Navigation Bar for Maximo 7.6

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Configuring the Side Navigation Bar for Maximo 7.6


Starting in Maximo 7.6 a side navigation bar is available.  Please keep reading to find out what your options are for configuring when the side navigation bar will appear.

The side navigation settings can be configured at three different levels in Maximo 7.6 (System, Group, and User).  At the system level there is a system property called 'mxe.webclient.systemNavBar' to enable/disable using the side navigation bar for the entire instance.  If the side navigation is enabled at the system level then it defaults to use settings from the user's security group(s).  If any security group that the user belongs to has the side navigation turned on then the user will see the side navigation bar in all their applications.




In the image above the "Display Side Navigation Menu?" option is checked so all users who are members of this security group will have side navigation turned on.

Side navigation can be further configured at the user level if desired.  In the top navigation bar if you click on Profile / Default Information , then you will see the Side navigation menu options shown below.




By default this is set to "Use setting from security group" so the user would continue to see the side navigation menu based on the security settings described above.  If the "Display" option is selected then the side menu will always be displayed regardless of the user's security group settings.  Alternatively if the "Hide" option is selected then the side menu will not display no matter what the user's security groups are set to.  The user level settings can also be found in the User application under Security / Users.



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