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BMXAA7387E - While Attempting to Retrieve 5001 of MULTIASSETLOCCI

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BMXAA7387E - While Attempting to Retrieve 5001 of MULTIASSETLOCCI


"BMXAA7387E - While attempting to retrieve 5001 of MULTIASSETLOCCI, the operation was terminated because the preset limit 5000 was exceeded for retrieving MULTIASSETLOCCI into a single set. Reduce the number of selected objects for the operation."


This error could happen to a large database.


We can use the  (mxe.db.fetchResultStopLimit) in the system properties application to set an upper limit on the number of objects that can be fetched from the database and constructed on the server into a single set.   For example, change the default from 5000 to 12000.


Changing the global value for fetch stop limit property would affect the entire application though.  If it only errors out on a particular object and that particular mxe.db.fetchResultStopLimit.OBJECTNAME property does not exist, you can a add a custom property.

For example, if there are a lot of records in multiassetlocci, we can a create property called mxe.db.fetchResultStopLimit.multiassetlocci


We can also set the value to "-1" so that the stop limit will not apply to a particular object.


Another option is to set the mxe.db.fetchStopExclusion with a comma separated list of objects that are excluded from fetch stop check.



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