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Result Set Portlet in 7.6

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Result Set Portlet in 7.6


There is a change of function in 7.6 to allow info from related records to be displayed in result set portlets. 

For example, below are the steps to display the name of the reported by person for Service Requests:

1 Create a new object structure for SR
2 Consumed by is REPORTING
3 Enter 2 rows in the source objects:
   - SR object
   - Person object (parent object is SR, relationship is PERSON).

   Enter a description in the Reporting Description  field.  Enter Single in the Cardinality field
4 Save the record
5 Grant access to security group in the report administration application via the “Report Object Structure Security” action
6 Go to Start Center.  Add the Result Set Portlet by Clicking on the Change Content/Layout icon

NOTE: Layout and Configuration application needs to be granted to the Security Group

7 Click the Edit icon from the Result Set Portlet.

Application is SR. 

Go to the Query field.  Select a saved query from the SR application

Select SR from the Object List and add Service Request

Select Person from the Object List and add Name, First Name, Last Name








6  Click Save and click the Finish button
7 The result set will look like the screen shot below:


Below are the links for technotes and documentation:


The old way below is no longer applicable to 7.6


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