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Blank White Page after Logging into Maximo

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Blank White Page after Logging into Maximo


Hi Folks, in this blog I'm going to give you a few different things to check if you happen to login to Maximo and instead of getting the Start Center you get a blank white page. 

1.  Check which browser you are using to login to Maximo, make sure this browser is a supported Browser and version.  You can verify this by checking our Platform Matrix spreadsheet found here.

2.  If you find that the Browser you are using is a supported version, goto the Websphere / Weblogic console, stop the MXServer and clear the appserver cache.

Clear Websphere Cache


Clear Weblogic Cache


Once you have done this, I would also go and delete or move your systemout.log (this will give you a fresh log to look at after startup if the problem is still occurring), now log back into the Console and restart the MXServer.  Once MXServer is started,  open a new browser session, clear the browser cache and then enter your Maximo url, login and see if the blank white page is gone and you are able to access Maximo.  If the problem still occurs, move to step 3.

3.  Open up the fresh SystemOut.log and have a look at the startup.  If you happen to see an exception in the stack trace like this:

04 May 2016 13:27:33:188 [DEBUG] [jvm001] [] Received CSRF token = null, Setting CSRF security context to READONLY

java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to psdi.mbo.Mbo

at psdi.webclient.system.beans.AppBean.canSaveBasedOnLocks(

Do a search in the systemout.log for ' mxe.allowLocalObjects' this property should be =1. If this property is =0 than you will receive the above exception and will not get the Start Center.  You can also check this from the back end by running SELECT * FROM MAXPROP WHERE propname = 'mxe.allowLocalObjects';

If the property =0 update this to =1 , perform step 2 again and hopefully now you can login to Maximo successfully.

(One thing to keep in mind, if you have more than 1 JVM, be sure to check the SystemOut.logs for all the JVM's when searching for the ' mxe.allowLocalObjects' property, all JVM's must have the same value of 1.


I sure hope that you don't hit that blank white page after logging in to Maximo but if you do...I hope these above steps will help you resolve the problem.

Have a good day !

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