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Returning Closed PO Lines

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Returning Closed PO Lines


Even though returning lines in the receiving application from an already closed and invoiced PO seems wrong, it is possible to do it and there is a reason for it.

For example: Your company buys 5,000 pencils through a PO, but it wasn't possible to notice that the graphite inside them was broken. The PO was invoiced (which was paid) and closed. Only then, the defect was discovered in the pencils. What should be done now? Can you still do something through Maximo to fix this situation?

Sure, just use the advanced search in the receiving application and make sure that the "History" field is set to "Y", so that you are able to bring up closed POs.


imageAfter finding the PO, return the line with the pencils.



Done, now the defective pencils were returned.


If you want, you can generate a credit invoice to reverse its payment later on.

This is why Maximo allows this behavior. There might be a situation where the PO was already closed, but some of its lines have to be returned due to some unfortunate event.

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