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Changing the default help location in Maximo

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Changing the default help location in Maximo


In Maximo a new help system was introduced, which instead of building a help ear and deploying locally links out to the IBM Knowledge Center.  Recently I was asked about the configuration of  Maximo Help, specifically how to point it to the base 7.6.0 documentation rather then Maximo


First off why would you want to do this? One main reason is the default link to the Maximo Knowledge Center is not translated,  so if you link out to the Knowledge center from a french language Maximo, the Knowledge Center links will be translated, however the Maximo documentation will remain in English. The initial Maximo 7.6.0 documentation is fully translated, so it may be better in certain configurations to have the help default to its locations and then select if you wish to view the new features or specific documentation in English.


The default location the Maximo Help now links to in the following.


To get this to point to the core documentation we want to link to


Before I tell you how to do this, I will list the system properties that are required to configure help and explain them a bit further.


image -  This is the host name of the server were the Knowledge Center is hosted. - This is the top level link (what is appended  to the end of the property.  This value is stored in a help_products.xml  file that is deployed with the maximo.ear.  The top level help link can not be modified directly from the system properties. -  This is the context path to the Knowledge Center - The http port for the Knowledge Center  - Either http or https


With the default configured properties as seen above we are linked out to the update on the Knowledge Center.


You will notice the path has an added value different then our properties and is also not defined directly in our properties, that is the SSLKT6_7.6.0.5.  This value is formed from the value in your system property. 


To change this we need to do the following.


Open your help_product.xml file from the ibm\smp\maximo\applications\maximo\properties\products\features folder.  In there you will see 7 entries that look similar to the following.  The package name will differ a bit on each, also notice how the package name matches the value in above.


        <name>IBM Maximo Asset Management</name>


For each of these entries you would change the taxonomy from SSLKT6 to SSLKT6_7.6.0 and the appendversion from y to n.  This will stop the product from appending the current Maximo version and map the SSLKT6_7.6.0 to packagename.

Once updated, you can rebuild and redeploy your Maximo ear file and your Maximo help should now link out to the 7.6.0 core documentation, as well as translated documentation if logged in with another language.


*One other thing to note is that this file is updated with new feature packs, so if installing a new feature pack in the future you will need to make the same changes again, assuming the updated Knowledge Center is not translated.


I hope this blog was helpful, if there are any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to post below.

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU005","label":"IoT"}, "Product":{"code":"SSLKT6","label":"Maximo Asset Management"},"Component":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"","Edition":""}]