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Is There A way To have All Assets Listed Via DrillDown In Maximo..

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Is There A way To have All Assets Listed Via DrillDown In Maximo..



Welcome to the EAM Corner!!!!

My name is Ghazala and I work in level 2 support for IBM on the EAM product. This blog series will all be helpful tips, tricks and how-to's on Maximo EAM .

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In this blog, I will cover an interesting topic I came across when creating an asset, you choose a location.  If you click "Open Drilldown" from the Location field, you will access the              
Drilldown dialog box. It displays two tabs : Location and Assets. When you go to the assets tab, you can see only one asset, even if there are many on the location.
If you click back to the location tab and then the asset tab again, You can see all attached assets. How can you have all assets on the first try.


Following steps have been used to reproduce the issue:

1. Go to Assets > Assets > Create new Asset'72464'                        
Location: SAN101                                                          
Save Record                                                               
2.Create new Asset '72467'                                                
Location: SAN101                                                          
Save Record                                                               
Click "Open Drilldown" from the Location field                            
The drilldown dialog box displays two tabs                                
Location and Assets.                                                      
Click on the Assets tab, you can see only one Asset,'72464' even if there are many on the Location.                                                 
3. Click back to the location tab and then the Asset tab again, you can see all attached assets.                                           
Asset '72464'                                                             
Asset '72467'                                                             
Would like to have all Assets on the first try.

Resolving the problem:

When using Drilldown to select the Parent Asset, users should open the Drilldown dialog from the Parent field, rather than from the Location field. If the Location field has already been populated, that value will appear on the Drilldown dialog even when it is opened from the Parent field. You will see that all Assets are displayed on the Asset tab on the first click when the Drilldown dialog is opened from the Parent field rather than the Location field.

See the screenshots below:

Open Drilldown from Parent field:


... and all Assets are displayed on Assets tab on first click:


The behavior from the Location Drilldown dialog is unusual, but this has been the behavior for quite a while. L3 / Development do not wish to disrupt clients who are accustomed to Maximo's current functionality by changing the Location Drilldown dialog.

Thanks for reading, be sure to look out for my next installment. 

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