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How to change field colour in Maximo 7.6 using Conditional Expression Manager

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How to change field colour in Maximo 7.6 using Conditional Expression Manager


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Welcome to the Sysadm Times !!!!!!


My name is Stephan Lambert and I have been working in Maximo in Systems Admin for last 10 years. In my blogs I will be highlighting different topics around Sysadms and covering UI customization. This blog series will all be helpful tips, tricks and how-to's on Maximo SYSADM .


In this blog , I will be covering how to change field color in Maximo 7.6 using Conditional Expression Manager.


The following step by step have been implemented, in this case we create 3 conditions


1. Go to Conditional Expression Manager--> Create a new conditions



















































2. Save changes

3. Go to App Designer --> Wotrack--> select the tab “Work order” and get the properties for the WOPRIORITY field inside the application, as we show in the next screen: Use “READ” as “Signature Option” and click the “Configure Conditional Properties” button.

4. Use MAXADMIN as the security group, because the condition should be available for MAXADMIN group only.

5.  For each entered condition enter the following properties








































































6. Click the OK button and save the application

7. Go to “Work order tracking” application and try it by changing the values of “Priority” field and press SAVE.


Now you can see the change in the background color of the field according to the entered value.
































Thanks for reading, be sure to look out for my next installment.


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