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New features in Maximo for Aviation version 7.6.3

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New features in Maximo for Aviation version 7.6.3



The latest version of Maximo® for Aviation offers new features, applications, and enhancements to help you maintain the safety of your aircraft and comply with regulations.


New features in procurement

To reduce transportation costs, in the new Shipments application, you can consolidate several shipment requests into a single shipment.


The shipment process has been simplified by integrating it with the procurement process and the Exchange Orders application. Shipment requests can now be generated from the Purchase Orders application or the Exchange Orders application.


You can now receive non-lotted parts and view these parts as components of a kit. You can easily view the status, airworthiness tags, or related documents for each part. In the Inventory application, you can now view the receiving and inspection lines that are related to a storeroom or part number.


The new exchange order process has been integrated with the existing receiving and inspection process. You can now accept, reject, or return any purchased, repaired, loaned, or exchanged part though one receiving process.


New features in aircraft management

In the new Aircraft Roles and Capabilities application, you can define aircraft roles and capabilities, and easily identify the configuration status of an aircraft to determine whether it can satisfy specified roles and missions.


To help you to define system-specific configuration rules, you can now define a master list of systems that can be applied to multiple models to standardize engineering definitions.


To better understand system dependencies and relationships, you can now view functional representations of an aircraft or piece of equipment and its systems.


New features in Start Centers

New customized portlets on the Start Center give immediate access to the data that you want to see, for example, quality managers have new result set portlets to easily view the data that is most important to their roles.


Warehouse managers have two new portlets in the start center; the Shipment Request KPI List and the Shipments bar chart.


New features in scheduling

Some applications were renamed and merged to streamline scheduling processes such as, assigning work to labor and crew resources based on their work facility. New features were also added to the Gantt view, for example, assigning work to labor based on their availability.


New features in mobile applications

By using the new IBM Maximo Anywhere Work Execution for Aviation application, you can add, remove, and replace aircraft or pieces of equipment. You can also select or search for work orders and browse the hierarchy until you find the aircraft or piece of equipment that you want to add, remove, or replace.


New features in documentation

In this release, the documentation in IBM Knowledge Center is updated with topics that provide an overview of some of the more complex processes in Maximo for Aviation. Updated documentation includes new detailed scenarios for the procurement process and for work order tracking.


For more information about Maximo for Aviation version 7.6.3, visit the IBM Knowledge Center.

For more information about the new features in Maximo for Aviation 7.6.3, visit the what’s new on IBM Knowledge Center.

A download document provides describes where to download Maximo for Aviation version 7.6.3.

Before you install Maximo for Aviation, review the system requirements.


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