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Direct Print is not taking BIRT report 's custom margin width into account

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Direct Print is not taking BIRT report 's custom margin width into account


Some of you using BIRT reports in Maximo might have changed the width of the margin in your reports in order to accommodate some data such as tables with many columns.
You might have simply used the Print icon once you have run your BIRT report with a customised margin width and not noticed that the report size reverts to the default size when the report is printed via the Direct Print icon on the toolbar instead.

Report printouts will have the default margin when printed with Direct Print, thus ignoring the customization done in the rptdesign file re the custom margin width.
As a result, the content of the BIRT report is still correct but text will appear smaller than intended for example, because the margin set by Direct Print is wider than the custom minimum one you might have specified to increase the printable area of the report. This can be an issue if you need to ensure consistency in the look of reports such as purchase orders or invoices that include logos and tables.
This potential issue can be easily resolved by setting the System Property = 1
The printed report size will then be as intended, including the customised margin width, regardless whether you choose to manually print the report after it has been run in the browser or whether Direct Print is used.

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