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Actual Finish Date Calculation Behavioral Change since Maximo 7506 ifix005

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Actual Finish Date Calculation Behavioral Change since Maximo 7506 ifix005




My name is Edgar Mengelberg and I have been working with the Maximo and TPAE product suite in various Support roles for over 15 years.

There has been a behaviour change introduced by the Maximo Base Services Ifix005 a lot of users are not aware of.


Previously, when Actual Start / Actual Finish fields were auto-populated on Work Orders from the earliest / latest Actual Labor Start Time / End Time, only Actual Labor records with null Task fields were considered.

Now, a new property has been added,

When = 0, Maximo behaves as it did previously, only considering Actual Labor not assigned to any Task.

But when = 1, even Actual Labor records with populated Task fields can provide the earliest / latest time to populate the Work Order fields.

Because using labtrans records from the WO's tasks as well as the WO itself ,it caused a performance hit since it rolls all Wo and it's WO children up, therefore this this new property has been added:

If you are on  aversion before base Services 7506, a manual change could also be made in the event the System Property does not exist by manually adding it.

If the following Global Property is not yet added to your system, , Maximo/Base Services assumes that its value is 0.

To change this ,do as follows:

1) In the System Properties application, click New Row on the Global Properties table.
2) Add the following Global Property:

Property Name =
Description = Should task labor transactions be considered to determine work order start/finish time?
Maximo Default = 0
Online Changes Allowed? = Checked
Live Refresh? = Checked
Security Level = SECURE
Data Type = INTEGER

3) Set Global Value = 1 if you want a Work Order's Tasks' Labor Transactions to be considered during Actual Start / Finish Time calculation for that Work Order. Set Global Value = 0 otherwise.
4) Click Save Property.
5) Filter the table for your new property: Property Name =
6) Check the Select Record box for this row. Click Live Refresh.
7) Click OK on the resulting dialog

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