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In maximo rich text editor doesn't retain formats

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In maximo rich text editor doesn't retain formats


In the Maximo application long description field editor allows you to enter rich text formats. For an example you can use the BOLD, ITALIC, and UNDERLINE. Once you have selected those format you can type the descriptions as you want and the text displays the format you have selected. However once you have pressed the enter key the formats will not be retained. To resolve this issue.

1. Go to System Configuration, Platform Configuration, System Property.

2. Filter blocknode once the property displayed webclient.richtext.blocknode

3. Enter BR for Global Value and do a Live Refresh

Now go to the application and select the long description field. Enter the text,  highlight your text,  select the formats BOLD, ITALIC, and UNDERLINE. Now press enter you should be able continue typing with the selected format.


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