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Getting the Advanced Options section to start collapsed when adding documents in Attached Documents

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Getting the Advanced Options section to start collapsed when adding documents in Attached Documents


When adding a new document via Attached Documents in Maximo the "Advanced Options" section by default shows as expanded as shown in the image below.


Some Maximo administrator's prefer the Advanced Options to not display to avoid confusion for their users and so that the defaults for these options are used.  You can get this section to start collapsed by modifying the Library xml and adding collapsed="true" to the beginning of the appropriate section. Please see the section of the Library.xml below that needs to be modified to get this to work. In Application Designer you need to Select Action/Export System XML, export the library.xml to your desktop/hard drive, then open it with a text editor and make your changes and save as xml/text.  Lastly import your modified library.xml back in via Application Designer and you should now see the "Advanced Options" section collapsed by default.

<section collapsed="true" 

id="addnewattachments_file_2" label="Advanced Options"> 

<checkbox dataattribute="upload" id="addnewattachments_file_2_row2_col1_1_1" label="Copy document to the default location set by your administrator (recommended)" mxeventjshandler="cbupld"/> 

<checkbox dataattribute="show" id="addnewattachments_file_2_row3_col1_1_1" label="Add document to the document library for others to use" sigoption="MANAGELIB" sigoptiondatasrc="MAINRECORD"/> 

<checkbox dataattribute="printthrulink" id="addnewattachments_file_2_1" label="Print attached document with report if printable type"/> 


After making these changes when you go to create a new file attachment the Advanced Options section should display collapsed like this:


I hope this was helpful.


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