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Maximo Closing Request for Quotations Without Awarding All Lines to POs

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Maximo Closing Request for Quotations Without Awarding All Lines to POs



Welcome to the EAM Corner!!!!

My name is Ghazala and I work in level 2 support for IBM on the EAM product. This blog series will all be helpful tips, tricks and how-to's on Maximo EAM .

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In this blog I will cover an issue I recently came across whereas unable to set an RFQ that has been set to COMP to another status unless all the lines are awarded to a PO.

Following steps have been used to reproduce the issue:

1. Go to Purchasing > Request for Quotations >.                      
2. Create new Record "1012" > Click RFQ Lines tab > Add a line to the record, any details will work.
3. Create another line with any details.                                 
4. Click Vendor tab add any vendor.                                      
5. Change status to SENT.                                                 
6. Go to Quotations tab and select RFQ lines.                             
7. Select one line.                                                       
8. Click "Award All" button.                                               
9. Click Create PO "123".                                                 
10. Change status of RFQ to COMP.                                          
Try to change now the status of RFQ.   


Resolving the problem:

Once the record is moved to complete it is impossible to change the status, clicking the change status box provides the above error.  The RFQ COMP status can only change to CLOSE status. If all RFQ Lines have assigned to PO/Contract, the RFQ can be closed.  For this issue the, RFQ has extra line that HASN'T assigned to PO/Contract. That's why the misleading error message (BMXAA4042E) displayed.  
Once user assigned the extra line to a PO/Contract, the RFQ can be  changed to CLOSE.

If PO Option "Close PR/RFQ When All PR/RFQ Lines Have Been Copied to POs or Contracts" is checked,  RFQ will be automatically closed

Thanks for reading, be sure to look out for my next installment. 

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